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Welcome to Ketan Sharma Realtor Homes

After going through this website, you will feel relieved that you have before you, the right and ultimate people, practising the highest level of care and thoroughness, to assist you chose the home of your choice.

Here, at Realtor Ketan Sharma, I will apprise you of all the ins and outs of the buying/selling process, with nothing hidden or in small print. There are going to be no shocks or surprises whatsoever. Everything will be crystal clear from the very outset till the culmination of the deal. You will find that all your excessive anxiousness and fears associated with the process will vanish. The anxiety will slip away and give way to a feeling of excitement and adventure as you see the possibility of having your Dream Home within your reach.

“Find Your Property”, is an extremely valuable tool exclusively accessible through a Realtor. I would be at your service to share the list of this wide variety of listed properties, to aid you in your hunt for the perfect home – a time and effort saving exercise.

Key Factors


- Let us know of your budget and plans, we will provide you the best deals to suit your requirements. Everything, from the choicest building design, requirement of a pool, garage, extra rooms, congenial neighbourhood, distance from work place or shopping centre and proximity to schools, gyms, parks, etc. will be considered, as per your needs and budget.

- We will accompany you in your viewership and guide you in assessment of the suitability and price of the property concerned. As a part of our expertise, we will be able to help you assess even such nuances, as the cost and condition of the services available in the house. To cut it short, we will be acting as the real abode construers to get you your Dream Home.


- Being in the field, and having extensive knowledge of the financial and mortgage choices available, we could even guide you in your choice, for the most attractive rates and terms prevailing in the market.


- We are experienced enough, with skillful negotiation abilities, and will mediate in drawing up a legally binding agreement that will ensure a fair and square deal, with absolutely no chance of any conflict between the buyer and the seller.


- We strictly adhere to the highest professional standards, as laid down by the Ontario Real Estate Association, on behalf of the Real Estate Council, Ontario, while conducting their extensive course of study, before issuing the Real Estate License.